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ABOUT.....  JCWellness & Primary Care

Helping to Build a Healthy Community

J.C. Wellness & Primary Care (JCWPC) was founded under strong principles and beliefs of building trust while providing compassionate competent care. The practice holds in high regard, that truly empowering and educating patients can translate into the best possible healthcare outcomes.  

JC Wellness encompasses the meaning of patient-measured outcomes via providing individualized, continuous, comprehensive care, that includes general medical care, urgent care, concierge care, and comprehensive medically managed weight loss services. 


Refill prescription medications


Online Virtual Care
Concierge Care services
Weight loss
  • Disease Management 

  • Allergies or Sinus Problems

  • Cold, Cough, Flu-like symptoms, COVID-19,  RSV, Sinus Problems & Sore throat 

  • Ear: ear pain/ ear infections

  • Eye: pink eye/ eye infections or stye

  • Dermatology: Skin Rashes/ infections or Insect Bites

  • Mental Health

  • Stomach ache/ pain or gastritis

  • STIs/ STD screen or treatment with/ without Lab testing 

  • Urinary Tract Infections/ Yeast Infections

  • PAP smears

 General Medical & Urgent Care Services

Saxenda, wegovy, zepbound, ozempic, mounjaro
Trizpeatide or Semaglutide


Unlimited Monthly Personalized medical care and treatment. Disease and prescription management with refills; and ease of access to your Provider. 


  • GERD

  • Gout

  • Hypertension/ Blood pressure monitoring

  • Osteoarthritis/ Osteoporosis

  • Prediabetes/ Type 2 Diabetes

  • Thyroid Diseases

Concierge Medical Management

For patients who are unable to make their appointments related to personal or medical reasons, you may qualify for refills here. 
No controlled substances are prescribed and medications prescribed are left up to the Provider's discretion.



Prescription Refills

Comprehensive Obesity or Diabetes Management
*see Weight loss PLANS/ PRICING

  1. One-to-one: Provider-guided diet & exercise support

  2. Blood-work/ lab work

  3. *GLP-1 injectable medication (for qualified patients)

  4. Provider Access & Resources

  5. Vitamin B12 injections offered

  6. Recommended dietary supplements


Patient Info


Our in-office Medical Service
FEE SCHEDULE here.... 

*Insurances Accepted for Medical Care: CALL FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFORMATION 
*Self-pay: $55 Urgent Care Sick visits; $119 monthly General Medical Care packages; Prescription Refills Plan $59;  Obesity/ Weight loss Management packages from $99/ month 

FDA-approved GLP-1 medications are prescribed dependent upon a patient’s specific medical condition, which can reduce BMI in overweight or obese patients. The active ingredients in GLP-1 medications are known as: Semaglutide (OZEMPIC & WEGOVY),  Tirzepatide (MOUNJARO) and Liraglutide (SAXENDA). These medications control the release of insulin from the pancreas and reduce glucagon stores (fat), in addition to reducing/ suppressing appetite. Ultimately causing a patient to lose weight. 

The medications are meant to help with adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with the right tools in place. JCWPC is here to help you achieve and sustain your health goals. Unlike 'PLANS' with others, your Provider at JCWPC is simply a phone call or an email away, and with absolute ease of access! 

Comprehensive Weight loss/ Obesity or Diabetes Management

PLAN I (with Insurance/ insurance coverage)
**$99 per month with insurance coverage of medication ($45 non-refundable fee included after free consultation once the process begins). This is for Branded GLP-1 Injectables medications.
   *Price does not include Branded GLP-1 prescribed medication or pharmacy copay cost.

PLAN III Semaglutide Injectable (without insurance)
*$599 for the first 90 days of new starts (3 months): all
doses and Provider Services


PLAN II Semaglutide Injectable
(without insurance)
$289: all doses with Provider Services 

PLAN IV Tirzepatide Injectable 
(without insurance)
$389: all doses with Provider Services 

Weight loss

Get to your healthy you!

PLAN V  Metabolism Vitamin Injections
(without insurance)
VitB12 & Super -lipo Injections 
*$45 per injection per week (Vitamin B12)
*65 per injection per week (Super-lipotropic Vitamin B)
229 per MONTH for 4 weeks of Super-lipo injections

30 days of Plenity or Contrave Oral weight loss medications
with insurance coverage for medication:

30 days of Contrave or Plenity Oral Weight loss medications
without insurance coverage:
$185 (cash or credit card)

Oral weight loss medications
What's included in PLANS: I- VI?
*Free consultation
*Prescribed Branded GLP-1 prescription 
sent to your local pharmacy in Plan 1
*Includes compounded GLP-1 medication with weekly injections provided in the office (Plans II through IV)
once a week or a 3 month supply of Vitamin B12 or Lipotropic Vitamin B injections (Plan V)

* Prescriptions sent to the pharmacy after qualified for Oral Weight loss medications (Plan VI)
*Provider support access
*Dietary/ exercise guidance and resources
*Supplements recommended

*Price does not include lab work cost (can be done via insurance /self-pay or discounted pay via JC Wellness & Primary Care)



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Monday-Friday: 7:30am- 8:00pm

Saturday: 9am to 3pm

Sunday: Closed

J.C. Wellness & Primary Care

616 E. Altamonte Drive

Ste. 203

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

MAIN#: 800-456-4550   

OFFICE#: 407-701-7356

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